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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order be confirmed?

After payment confirmation your order will be a confirmed order.

Can I cancel my order free of charge?

Only if you cancel your order the same day of ordering before 3.00 pm.

What if I cancel my order after 3.00 pm?

Because the order is already registered and therefore in processing, a return and administration fee will have to be paid.

Are these the original images of the rubber tracks that are shown on the website?

No, the images are purely informative. In reality, the track will conform to that of your machine.

What if my ordered rubber track does not fit?

If it turns out that it is our fault, we will assume all costs. Conversely, possible costs for changing tracks, returns, etc. will be recovered from you. Measuring is knowing!

Can I pick up my rubber tracks myself?

No, the order is always delivered directly and free of charge to the end consumer.

What do I do with my old rubber track?

The disposal of the old track is on your behalf.

What if the caterpillar breaks within the warranty period?

You should submit as much evidence as possible, such as taking pictures, the place where this happened, the circumstances in which this happened, etc ...

How do I determine the correct size of my rubber tracks?

Each selection of a rubber track made on our web shop shows you the information  'check your dimensions'.

There are at least two ways to determine which size rubber tracks you need:

Check directly on your current track the size stamped on the rubber itself. If it is not present or visible anymore, you only have to carry out three simple measurements on your old track:

1. The width of the track (millimeters).

2.The distance from the middle of one link to the middle of the next link (millimeters).

3.Count the number of all links of the track.

If you do not immediately find the right result on our webshop, you can contact us by phone, chat or at

How do I get a prize for my caterpillars?

In our webshop you can easily fill your shopping cart with the rubber tracks you need and automatically you will see the total number of products, the transport, the (possible) loads appear on your screen.

If you need help to choose your rubber tracks, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, chat or

Where will your order be sent?

You will receive your order at the address indicated by you.

How long do I have to wait to receive the ordered goods?

Delivery takes place at the address indicated by you, 2 working days after receipt of payment.

What are the shipping costs?

They are FREE for delivery in Belgium (BE), the Netherlands (NL), Luxembourg (LU), Germany (DE) and France (FR).

See more on our page Shipping and Delivery

Which payment methods are accepted by PHROMAC?

On our webshop you can pay with: Credit card, PayPal, Bank transfer and more new safe methods.

Take a look at our Secure Payment link to learn more!

What if I request a return of VAT after I have already paid the invoice?

Then you have to pay an administration fee of € 12.5 to us.

Where are you situated and how can someone from the team reach you to talk to?

The company is based in Belgium. Given its strategic location, we can send your rubber tracks all over Europe (within 48 hours, working days). Do not hesitate to contact us at, online via chat or by telephone.

See more on our CONTACT page

Do you sell used rubber tracks?

No, we do not. We never sell used rubber tracks, this does not fit in our ideology whatsoever which is to always deliver the best quality and service.

Is it recommended to change only one rubber track?

Changing only one track will not damage your machine(s) immediately and heavily, but it is correct and appropriate to warn you of the consequences. If you replace only one rubber crawler, your (mini) excavator or other machinery will be in an unbalanced condition that may cause future real damage.

How long does a rubber track last?

The life span of a rubber track depends on the surfaces on which the crawler works, the maintenance of the undercarriage and the care in which the operator uses his machine.

Is there a guarantee when buying 1 rubber track?

Yes, but it will be less than a purchase with 2 rubber tracks. This is due to the irregular wear of the excavator.

How much guarantee do I have when buying two caterpillar tracks?

The warranty is 1000 working hours in normal use.

We have a 12 month warranty on all manufacturing defects; for further questions or recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us at


Take a picture of the identification plate of your machine. This is usually found on the outside of the appliance, at the front, underneath the seat.

Note and / or take a picture of the dimensions of your caterpillar before it finally breaks or disappears and keep it in a safe place for a future emergency.

Changing both rubber tracks will be in your hands! The caterpillars will last longer if they are aligned and if they work in the right way ...

Clean the chassis, clean the caterpillar tracks and a correct  tension ensures higher performance of your machine and therefore your rubber tracks will last much longer.

Avoid, as much as you can, oil, grease and fuel coming into contact with the rubber on your track. It is common knowledge that the corrosive properties of these substances with rubber have a negative effect on rubber itself.